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Step into the enchanting realm of coffee art. My name is Wendy Morgan, I'm an artistic force nestled in the heart of Newfoundland, Canada. As a passionate artist, I've embarked on an unconventional journey, embracing coffee as my chosen medium to create captivating works of art. From bustling community corners to serene solitude, my artistry takes multifaceted forms – from adorning children's faces with whimsical tigers and unicorns as a vibrant face painter and entertainer, to breathing life into local businesses through vibrant window paintings and murals.

Guided by the desire to inspire, convey messages, or simply brighten lives, my brush can be seen dancing with coffee, infusing each stroke with creativity and meaning.

Painting With Coffee


While these joyful expressions are my shared endeavors, there's a quiet and contemplative side to my artistry – my coffee paintings. These are the intimate creations conceived in solitude, revealed only when they're ready to astonish. My mission is for these pieces to be admired and remembered, world-wide. 

These coffee-infused masterpieces have gained the attention and admiration of diverse audiences, including revered brands like United Airlines, who once enlisted my talents to promote their own in-flight coffee.


Follow my artistic evolution on social media, embrace the beauty of limited edition coffee prints, or embark on a personalized journey by commissioning a bespoke coffee artwork to gift a coffee loving friend.

Moreover, for brands seeking to tell compelling stories, my art is available for licensing and can be harnessed for social media content creation.

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