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A Journey into the World of Caffeinated Creativity

Welcome to my world of caffeinated creativity! I'm thrilled to take you on a delightful journey through my art and the magic of coffee painting. It all began in 2019, just before the world was shaken by the outbreak of COVID-19. Little did I know that this discovery would become a blessing, connecting me to a whole new realm of artistic expression.

You see, a warm beverage not only quenches the thirst, it feeds your soul! This may sound silly, but the way we prepare our coffee is a ritual one takes part in every single day.

Before coffee painting graced my life, I reveled in sharing my art with people in various forms. From painting striking murals on expansive walls to creating eye-catching window art for businesses, and even dabbling in the playful world of body painting, I always sought out creative canvases to showcase my work. But when coffee came into the picture, everything changed—the paint became more captivating than the canvas itself!

During those challenging lockdown days, I turned to the power of the internet, just like many spirited artists, to find solace and offer comfort to others. Through Facebook Live, I shared my coffee painting process, inviting everyone into our cozy bubble. My loving partner, Daniel Efford, would often join me, and together, Coffee and Paint became a soothing ritual for us, week after week.

As I delved deeper into the captivating world of coffee art, I discovered a vibrant community of like-minded artists worldwide. Our shared passion for painting with coffee created strong connections, leading to an incredible feature in the Russian publication, "Big Coffee Journey," alongside 17 other coffee painting masters.

Beyond the virtual realm, my coffee creations have adorned the walls of small local businesses, rekindling friendships among long-distance coffee pals, and even gracing an advertisement for United Airlines' in-flight coffee brand—an exciting collaboration that left me truly humbled.

Community work has always been close to my heart, and public art remains a cherished passion. Yet, there's something remarkably profound about letting these coffee masterpieces breathe and have a life beyond me.

Now, my vision expands further, aiming to bring my coffee print store displays to a national market. You'll find my work most prominently as 5x7 inch prints, perfect for wholesale distribution in charming coffee shops across Canada. We also offer consignment options, fostering creative partnerships in every corner.

Recently, I embarked on a thrilling adventure, packing up my beloved art gear and setting up shop in my favorite local coffee haunt. Why, you ask? Well, to be featured on an art-based TV show! The name remains a secret for now, but I'm absolutely bursting with excitement.

As I continue this artistic odyssey, I'm always open to collaborating with more coffee companies. I eagerly embrace opportunities to license my art and envision meeting new partners to gain further visibility through this website. For me, it serves as a joyful portal for customers to engage, connect, and become part of my artistic universe.

Thank you for being a part of my journey—and cheers.

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